The Best Fonts to Liven Up Your Fitness Logo Design

When it comes to opening your own fitness gym or making sure that your YouTube weight loss channel gets more views, branding yourself is one element that is always of utmost importance.

If you want to market your brand in the most effective of ways, then what you should first be considering is none other than your own logo for your brand.

Coming up with some ideas for the fitness company name as well as spending a number of hours to perfect their image are what most fitness gurus do. Yet they do not spend most of their time focusing on one important aspect of making a name for themselves, and that is their fitness logo design font or typography.

Typography is something that you should not undermine when it comes to your branding.

Even so, there are a number of font options that you can have for your fitness logo, so which one should you go after? Well, below are some of the best fonts that you can use for your fitness logo.

1) Modesto: Are you looking for a font that can catch the attention of potential clients even from hundreds of feet away? Do you plan on marketing your brand through sign or billboard advertisements?

If your answer to the above questions is a sure yes, then it is best that you choose the 2000 version of the Modesto font.

It is not that aggressive though it is very eye catching, and it can also be used for a wide selection of colors. Because of the font being in all-caps, it gives a sign of seriousness to your clients and potential clients that you are very serious about helping them lose weight and reach their fitness goals.

If you are unafraid to sweat, then this is the best choice to make.

2) Helvetica: There are just times where there is a need for you to go classic. This is the perfect font choice if your fitness gym is one that concentrates on high-intensity workouts such as kickboxing and strength training.

It looks best if you pair it with white or black.

3) Rockwell: If you are more after a bold logo option that screams Olympic champions looking like rugged Americana, then make sure to choose this font.

You can easily read this font even from afar, and it is all up to you to resize it because it looks best either in print and online. If you want it to be more attractive, then choose it in either blue or red.

4) Bobber: If your fitness gym is one that is not the usual gym, then this is the best font option for you. It attracts more of the hip clients or the millenials of the fitness market; so, this is the best font that you can choose.

Furthermore, as motorcycles are the inspiration for this font, it is best for those owning cycling studios.