Reviews about Nail Fungus Treatments If you notice your toenails have a dark or discolored condition for a while, your nails have been infected by fungus. The condition is usually known as onychomycosis, a common situation among adults. The perfect approach to handling the situation is to know how to avoid it. However, you don’t need to worry too much because there is a best toenail fungus treatment to get rid of the situation. This article will let you know about the available types of toenail fungus treatment methods. When you visit a pharmacy, the pharmacist will recommend tablets or nail paint antifungal treatments. However, the pharmacist may request a sample of the nails to test before prescribing the treatment. The lab test is to confirm whether there is fungal infection or not. Some of the common toenail antifungal tablets include the terbinafine and itraconazole. Based on the prescription, they may be taken once or twice on daily basis for a specified period of time like a few months. For effective treatment of the infection, you need to take the medicines until the end of the prescribed period. Taking fewer medicines may trigger the fungus to return. Like any other medical treatments, antifungal tablets have their own side effects such as itching, headaches, diarrhea, rashes, and loss of taste.
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Antifungal nail paint is usually recommended if you don’t prefer taking antifungal tablets. However, the antifungal nail paint is said to be less effective when it comes to treating fungal nail infections. This is because the paint do not reach deeper to the infected layers of the toenails. The vital aspect of antifungal nail paint is that it doesn’t cause side effects. But, you need to use the nail paint for several months before you start noticing significant changes.
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The softening and removing approach is usually applied if the other treatment methods are not working as expected. However, you need to visit a pharmacy to get a treatment kit for this method. The package includes things like urea paste, scraping devices, and plasters. You will use the paste to soften the infected parts of the nail, scrap them using the scraping device so that you will replace with a healthy nail. In some serious cases where all the above treatments don’t work, you may consider removing the infected nails. Though experts don’t recommend this approach, it may be inevitable if the infections on the toenails are severely painful. It can be surgically removed to allow a new toenail to grow naturally. However, you need to stay patient as the new nail grows even if it means waiting for a whole year or more. If the nail fungal infections becomes too obstinate, you can opt for laser treatment. Laser treatment involves destroying the fungus with intensive light energy. The procedure should be done repeatedly for several months to eradicate the fungus completely. However, it is an expensive treatment compared to the others.