Consumers explore a variety of diet and exercise plans based on the desire to lose weight and become healthy. They offer review the plans based on their idealized goals and don’t read the fine print. Unfortunately, the plans fail and don’t produce the exact results that the consumer wants. However, this new plan provides them with an amazing solution that is based on their DNA profile.

Collecting the DNA

The first step for starting the program is to submit a sample of the consumer’s DNA. The sample is obtained by swabbing the inside of the consumer’s cheek. The consumer places the DNA sample into the package provided by the plan. The DNA sample is sent to a lab for a complete assessment.

How the DNA Profile Works

The DNA profile provides explicit details about the consumer. It provides details about their current diet and overall health. The profile explains how the effects of the consumer’s current diet is affecting their health and what changes are needed. The lab explores the DNA to determine if the underlying source of adverse medical conditions is the diet chosen by the consumer. Once the profile is evaluated, the lab sends the consumer the results.

Assessing the Results

The results of the assessment show how the diet and exercise program the consumer follows has created issues. The results show what foods need to be replaced and what changes need to be made now. The results explain how these changes improve the consumer’s health and help them achieve their goals.

Starting the Plan

The plan is provided to the consumer in the packaging as well. The plan shows the consumer the exact exercise plan they should follow. It also provides meal plans for the consumer based on their DNA profile. If changes are needed, the plan is modified.

Consumers who want to make positive changes could find better solutions through DNA assessments. The plans provide real opportunities based on the assessments. This provides the consumer with exercise requirements and a healthy diet. Consumers who want to review more about the diet and exercise plans available through Pathway Genomic contact their preferred retailer now.