What Causes An Upset Stomach

Food is what keeps every species in this world moving daily, most especially to us humans. We need food to give us energy throughout the day and make us healthy everyday of our lives. However, not all types of food are healthy when consumed regularly or numerously. Food that are unhealthy may affect some parts in body causing damages. It is most probably the most commercialized types of food and those that are quick to purchase are the reason, and examples of these are sweets and fast food, respectively.

Too much of something is never a good thing and this applies when consuming certain types of foods also. It can damage the gall bladder, which is also part of the digestive system, and will need to be removed if it causes abdominal pain. People with stomach problems need to reduce eating foods that can further irritate their stomachs. Such foods include spicy foods, fried foods, coffee or tea, and foods with too much seasoning.

The best foods to consume are definitely the healthy type. Consumption is, however, monitored because too much is never a good thing.

Fruits are healthy when consumed at a normal rate. Fruits have nutrients that our body needs and these also have natural sugars, therefore, less amount of fruits must be consumed, especially the ones that have high level of sugar. Natural sugar called fructose is processed in only in the liver and cannot provide energy to the body. High fructose consumption can cause damage to the liver. Fruits that have high fructose level include mangoes, bananas and pineapples. Consumption of fruits should only be in adequate amounts especially with those that are high in sugar.

Vegetables have different varieties. Each type is packed with vitamins and minerals. day. Vegetables are good for digestion as it contains fibers. However, you will not be satisfied with consuming just vegetables. You need to eat a lot of it or pair with another type of food.

There are certain types of food that not everyone enjoys eating. Spicy foods are tasty only to some people. Despite causing irritation to the stomach, there are benefits in spicy foods that are good for our health. Eating spicy food can help you lose weight, help prevent heart illnesses and also prevent cancer. Some people who have indigestion do not have to deal with eating bland food all the time. The solution for this is to allow the stomach to rest for few days and in small amounts, consume spicy foods.

A common digestive disorder is the irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. If you eat too much the food stated above, you will likely have IBS. Ingesting the best probiotics for IBS you can find is a solution. The purpose of consuming probiotics is to supplement the gut’s normal bacteria and help relieve various symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome. There are health benefits probiotics for IBS provide and this is due to the adequate number of bacteria it consists.