Many people suffer from missing teeth, whether they’ve fallen out due to tooth decay, gum disease, age, or were knocked out because of trauma. Going without teeth can not only cause issues with self-confidence and self-esteem, it can also cause structural and functional issues as well. In time, the area where the tooth used to be can start to cause shifting of the other teeth, causing a misalignment. It can also cause a “sunken in” look because of the missing tooth.


While there are a few remedies that can be considered, such as dentures, there’s another option that may be the ideal place for you to contact if you want to try Brooklyn dental implants.


A dental implant can offer you comfort and stability, as it is truly the closest thing to your natural tooth. Dental implants are essential “anchors” that resemble screws and are artificial replacements for the root of the natural tooth. Implants can be used on both the upper and lower jaws and are constructed of titanium and other materials that are suited for the human body. They attach to the gum tissue and jawbone to become a stable, durable base for one or more custom replacement teeth, known as dental crowns.


Implants have been used for many years, and patients of all ages have taken this route to replace either just one tooth or many teeth, as well as to support full or partial dentures. They help patients regain the ability to chew food much better than they could before. Unlike dentures, and crowns aren’t taken out for overnight cleaning, and no adhesives are required.


Dental Implants Treatment – A Three-Step Process


Treatment for dental implants is typically a three-part process that takes place over many months.


Step 1 – The dentist places the implant in the jaw through a surgical procedure with the top of the implant placed just above the top of the bone. A screw is placed into the implant to prevent the gum tissue and other debris from getting in, then the gum is secured over the implant. The implant will stay covered for about 3 to 6 months while it is given the chance to fuse with the bone.


Step 2 – The implant is uncovered and an extension is attached. The gum tissue is given the chance to heal around this extension. Sometimes a second surgery is required to attach the extension to the replacement teeth. The implant and extension become a single unit placed in the mouth.


Step 3 – The dentist makes a crown to suit the size, shape, color, and fit with all your other teeth to create the most natural look possible. Then, the crown is attached to the implant post. Done right, a dental implant and crown will make you look as if you’ve never lost a tooth in your life!


If you are in good overall health and your gums and jaw bones are in good shape, you may be an ideal candidate for a dental implant! Speak with your dentist about this procedure to help improve the look of your smile!