Have you ever heard of Amber Stone necklaces? Maybe there are many who don’t know what Amber Stone necklace is, but most likely you have seen a yellow-brown necklace, if all this time you think the necklace is just an accessory, you will be surprised that the necklace is also believed to have health benefits

I will explore the facts behind the necklace!

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Not stone but resin

Although the name is called the stone, this Amber Stone is actually a resin. It might be called stone because people still lay with resin so that it will be difficult to remember and explain it.

Coming from Northern Europe

Well, this resin comes from fossils of pine trees that have been buried for hundreds of years in Northern Europe more precisely in Scandinavia. After being buried for a long time, this pine tree emits natural resins which are finally shaped like Amber Stone that we have seen so far.

It is believed to provide health benefits

Amber Stone is believed to provide many health benefits for babies, young children, and adults. Some of the benefits that are believed are:

Reduce pain

Amber Stone is believed to have analgesic content which can help reduce or eliminate pain, such as headaches or a toothache. This is why Amber Stone is worn a lot on teething babies. When the baby is growing his teeth, he will usually become fussy because of pain. Well, this Amber Stone necklace is believed to make the process of dental growth more comfortable so that many mothers buy this necklace for their children. I myself also initially wanted to buy this necklace for my child. But the price that is not cheap makes me think again. Moreover, there is no environment around me. Finally, I decided not to buy it.

Strengthen the immune system

The succinic acid which is the main ingredient of this stone has the ability to strengthen the immune system, speed up the healing process and also to protect the body from infection. This is also what makes mothers usually keep wearing their Amber Stone necklaces even though their children’s teeth are fully grown. So there is no need to fear that this necklace can only be used for a while because this necklace can actually be used for a long time and is believed to have other benefits.

Must be used every day and in contact with the skin

Now, to get the benefits above, Amber Stone’s necklace must touch with the skin. So when using this necklace, don’t just use it like an ordinary necklace accessory where we usually use it on clothes. This necklace actually has to touch the skin so that the warmth of our body temperature can stimulate Amber Stone to remove its natural oil and later can provide good benefits for the body. If it is not exposed to the skin, natural oil cannot come out and eventually it will not provide any benefit.

Care must be done well

The treatment of this necklace is actually not difficult. It’s just that we have to remember some things like not storing them with other accessories that allow friction. From several sources that I read, this necklace is better put in a pouch made of flannel or velvet. Oh yes, when cooking is also not recommended to wear this necklace because the fear of heat released from the necklace can spur for the necklace to release its natural oil. In addition to the above, the Amber Stone necklace treatment can be said to be quite easy. Just clean it by using a cloth and water occasionally. It’s easy, right? Well, here are 5 facts behind Amber Stone’s necklace. After reading it, what do you think about this necklace? Are you interested in using it?