In some cases, marijuana is claimed to overcome health problems and is applied for medical purposes. But in its development now marijuana also began to be seen as something reasonable to be used as a recreation material.

Here are the results of several successful studies we summarize

1. Symptoms of psychosis

Several studies in Florida Marijuana Doctor linked the use of cannabis with an increased incidence of psychosis, the medical term for a collection of symptoms of loss of perception with the real world. Examples of this are hallucinations or paranoia.

2. Influencing IQ

The latest study published from Doctors in Florida says the habit of smoking marijuana as a teenager makes the brain weakened in the old days. As a result, the ability to remember and the speed of thinking the brain decreased.

“The study was done to all circles, men and women, blacks and whites, high and low education, and the results were the same, the use of marijuana as a teenager would have an impact on the brain if it was old,” Dr Reto Auer, who did the research, said.

3. Changes in brain volume

Using marijuana in the long run is likely to alter brain volume as mentioned in the 2014 study in the Marijuana Doctors in Florida.

4. Affect the brain reward system

The brain reward system is the part that regulates the response of one’s pleasure, content, and one’s sense of something. For example, for example the pleasure of eating chocolate, get praise, and much more.